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Help a Family in Need

With the Amanda Taylor Emergency Fund

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About the Amanda Taylor Emergency Fund

With this fund, St. Francis Neighborhood Center assists our families who find themselves in dire situations. We have assisted with medical emergencies, untimely deaths in the family, tragedies (such as a house fire or death due to gun violence), youth in need of food/clothing, illness, displaced youth, and more. We know our families, and when a true emergency arises, this fund gives us the flexibility to offer support and care as needed.

Amanda Taylor was a beautiful young woman who struggled with drug addiction and passed away too soon from a drug overdose. Her family wanted our youth and families to have support during a dire emergency, and this fund was created. To date, we have supported families who have been evicted and unable to move, youth who have lost family members to violent deaths, support of a youth who was shot, homelessness, medical emergencies, and more. We are thankful that Amanda's memory lives on with this emergency fund to help those in most dire need.